Update : Cant wait for Archangel’s shadows n all the stories I read recently

First off, Archangel’s Shadows is almost out! Nalini Singh happens to be one of my favourite favourite authors and … *no more words*

Over the past few weeks I’ve read about 8 books, but I’ve been my idiotic, lazy self, and put of posting any reviews. Sorry😔😔

So, I’ve read (and will hopefully put up reviews soon) :
1) The Darkest Kiss – Gena Showalter
2) The Darkest Pleasure- Gena Showalter
3) The Darkest Prison – Gena Showalter (in the Anthology)
4) The Darkest Whisper – Gena Showalter
5) Heart of Darkness Anthology
6) The Darkest Passion – Gena Showalter
7) The Darkest Lie – Gena Showalter (currently reading)
8) Sin and Sensibility – Suzanne Enoch
9) An Invitation to Sin – Suzanne Enoch
10) Something Sinful – Suzanne Enoch (currently reading)
11) Lick – Kylie Scott
12) Play – Kylie Scott
13) Lead – Kylie Scott
14) Good Earl Hunting – Suzanne Enoch
Ok. That’s about all I remember. And I guess my count was wrong, it’s 14 books😋😋

Hopefully, I’ll have some reviews up soon😊 catch you guys later😋

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