Received an ARC from Meljean Brook!!

Today morning in the bus to college, when I checked my mail, I was ecstatic to see that I had received a copy of Frozen, a paranormal romance novella. I was all *grabby hands!*


“For a year and a half, Olivia Martin has tried to forget Erik Gulbrandr, the glacial man who’d scorched her mouth with a single kiss. But when Olivia finds herself snowbound with Erik on the winter solstice, she discovers that the man who set her body aflame is cursed by abominable needs — and a desire that might destroy them both…”

That’s the description;)

Now, my views :

Five freaking complete stars!
I love Meljean’s stories, always have and always will. She can make you believe in the most unrealistic things, and she induces the what-if factor into all my thoughts. I love her ideas, and this one, about frost giants is fabulous!

I’ve never read a story about frost giants but I’m looking forward to getting into more of them 😉

I absolutely loved the emotions that I could feel emanating off Erik, and I liked reading in first person writing style, but I’ld still prefer to read in third person, just because I feel it helps me connect more to the male lead, and keeps me from feeling that he’s too aloof.
But I did enjoy frozen, because I did feel Erik, even though it was from Olivia’s perspective.

I would have loved loved loved (hint, hint) to have an epilogue!

I gobbled the entire 52k words in less than an hour, and I hope you guys enjoy it too!

I’ll link the goodreads description here :

Any thoughts, comments, or views, please do let me know below:)

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